Terms & Conditions


  • Fees are payable in advance at any time right up to the day of a private lesson.
  • No refund will be given after the commencement of the course, however if you are unavoidably unable to complete a course such as through illness or bereavement, you may be given a credit to attend at a later time.


The following are assumed:

  • You have a webcam and microphone that works with Skype® and you agree to two-way video communication.
  • You will work on assigned tasks between the lessons.
  • If you are studying piano or keyboard, you have access to an instrument that you can practise on between lessons.
  • If you are taking lessons with Cubase or Sibelius or other Music Technology:
    • You have a PC or Mac computer less than 7 years old with adequate RAM, fast processor and hard drive.
    • You have a legal copy of all software required for the tuition in which you have enrolled prior to its commencement.
    • You agree to screen sharing via Skype or TeamViewer